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City of Zadar and its surroundings

Zadar, located in the northernmost region of Dalmatia, has three faces: the mountains, the coast and the islands.
The mountain region includes the northern part of the Velebit National Park and the Paklenica National Park. The biggest attraction of the coastal area and the Zadar hinterland is the Vransko Lake, and the highlight of the island part is yet another of nature’s gems: the Telašćica Nature Park.

Central to the region is the ancient city of Zadar, built in the central part of the Adriatic coast and abundant in historical and cultural sights. The city is 3000 years old and after a long, tumultuous and dynamic history now offers its visitors monumental architecture and a fantastic geographic location .

One of the most significant testimonies of the city’s historical importance and the value of its heritage is the historical centre of Zadar. The historical centre of Zadar abounds in remnants of times gone by – city walls, towers, impressive portals, churches...

Here are some of the sights you can visit in Zadar:

  • Church of St Donatus originating from 9th century
  • Forum – under the Church of St Donatus and the bishop’s palace is the pavement of the main square dating from the Roman period. Its origins reach back to 1st century B.C.
  • Cathedral of St Anastasia (Stošija) dating from 12th century
  • Church of St Simon dating from 5th- 18th century
  • Romanesque basilica of St Krševan dating from 12th century
  • Church and monastery of St Francis
  • Church and monastery of St Michael
  • City walls (Muraj)
  • Permanent exhibition of church art – the Gold and Silver of Zadar
  • Greeting to the Sun – a game of light set to the rhythm of the waves
  • Sea Organ – nature’s perfect orchestra

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